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    My wife and I had a lovely day out at the Blossoms & Bygones on the Sunday with a lot going on and much thought and hard work going into an entertaining day, I was taken back to my young (very young) days with all the forties dress and lots of uniforms on display I am even in one of the photos talking to Norman! Where was Linn? Probably serving the beer?
    During the evening at home I received a phone call to say I had won the "Find the Lucky Square", £75.00! That was the icing on the cake and ended a perfect day.
    Many thanks and best wishes, Mick.

    By 40sboy at 21:44 on 18/05/11

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    Blossoms & Bygones was a really great day out this year and I was pleased to see how many people in both Haddenham and Aldreth choose to dress for the occasion.

    By thommo75 at 17:43 on 11/05/11

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